6/5/2017 - Exhibition "Drawers of dreams"
A unique collection of original real artworks, exhibited at Palazzo Marinozzi of Montecosaro and for the first time showed in Taormina, at the Cinema Palace, from 30th June to 1st October, on the occasion of the Silver Ribbon 2017. The exhibition Drawers of dreams organized by Taormina Arte in collaboration with the collecting Montecosaro of Paolo Marinozzi, edited by Ninni Panzera, will amaze the visitors. The film told through the sketches of posters to over 100 years of history of Italian and International cinema. Some rare paintings made by leading poster designers, including: Ballester, Capitani, Martinati, Brini e De Seta but also by their heirs like Ciriello, Cesselon, Nano, Manno, Geleng, Avelli, Iaia, Nistri e Mos. The only Museum of sketches in the world that moves partly in Taormina, at the Cinema Palace, with its fantastic images of movie posters, to accompany the casual visitor or tourist, in a cinematic journey unforgettable.