7/8/2015 - Pablo Picasso in Taormina
After Castello Ursino, Catania, the exhibition Pablo Picasso and his passions, he said, from July to September, in two major cities of Sicily: Taormina and Milazzo . The exhibition, curated by Dolores Durán úcar and Stefano Cecchetto, are an exhaustive path complete and in the works of the great artist, to discover the passions that have accompanied him throughout his life and in the evolution of his artistic language. The works on display, in fact, they say, in its most authentic content, themes and passions, such as the theater and the circus, bullfighting, women and politics, which gave birth to the creativity of Picasso and have influenced the human and that artistica.Nella prestigious setting of Taormina, from July 5 to September 6, Corvaja Palace, home to around 50 works, including oil paintings, ceramics and graphics, the great Spanish artist. The exhibition, organized and produced by Comediarting and III Millennium in collaboration with the Cultural Association Woodstock and with the sponsorship of the City of Taormina, proposes setting up a catchy, innovative and at the same time intimate. On display, unique works, including oils Tête de femme, 1943, Mousquetaire, 1964, and Self-Portrait, 1967, where the artist reveals all the identity and otherness of his double. Here Picasso is the man, the artist, the alchemist, but also the Minotaur, the bull, the demon is the shadow that emerges from the unconscious to betray the identity hidden. In his constant deconstruction of the ego, Picasso portrays the mirror of the soul obsession drama to reveal his secret identity first of all to stesso.Tra graphic works on display, the series Bullfighting, (1959, 27 works to sugar aquatint and drypoint), inspired by the classic treatise on bullfighting written by José Delgado in 1796, and Barcelona Suite (1966, 5 etchings colored lithograph), which contains the different styles through which passed through the artist. Also, on display, one of the most significant and important series of the artist, The Acrobats, fourteen boards dedicated to the world of acrobats, easily available and accessible to the full. Incisions drypoint and aquatint series are looks sad and ironic about the private life of jugglers and gypsies, with a few concessions to the definition "painting" of contesto.Palazzo D'Amico in Milazzo, hosts from July 10 to September 6, ceramics and graphic artist, including The Triglav (1920, 33 etchings and graver collotype), The Twenty Poems of Gongora (1958, 41 etchings etching and aquatint with sugar), Carmen (1949, 40 works burin engravings) and The Celestine (1971, 68 etchings etching and aquatint) .The exhibition, organized and produced by Comediarting and III Millennium in collaboration with Michela Pistorio for Marketing & Communications and sponsored by the Municipality of Milazzo, is enriched by Picasso in the cube (politic passion) , a multimedia interactive telling the artist's relationship with politics and that this was reflected on his art. Through a cube with a multi projections, three paintings emblematic (Guernica, Figura de mujer Inspirada en la guerra de España and Massacre in Korea) are reworked so evocative, highlighting the historical context, the reasons of composition and especially the strong message symbolic.