7/14/2015 - Claudio Malacarne Exhibition
n a sea of ​​light. And 'this the leitmotif that acts as a thread to the exhibition of paintings by Claudio Malacarne which, organized by the "Art & Culture in Taormina" part of the "Space in the South", was inaugurated Wednesday, July 15, at 18 : 30, in the baroque splendor of the former church of the Carmine of Taormina.A painter of long course and the international notoriety that, just 14 years old, takes palette, pencil and paint on canvas to stop his vision of things, in a continuous experimentation of means and techniques that attending the atelier of the master Enrico Longfils and refines It feeds over time, translating it into a rigor and mastery of drawing, which, metabolized, is ready to step aside when the painting takes over, in a solo from étoile. And it is an explosion of colors, a chromatic apotheosis declined as a symphonic crescendo in dozens of variations that wise, rather than confused and overlap chaotically, become joyfully space to each other in a bold, radiant, unusual coexistence: unusually put together to mark the shadows and recesses passionately painted red, yellow and green, deep blue, purple and cyan, black and turquoise, the distance is unthinkable chiaroscuro reveal the audacity and refined charm.Thus, a continuous sequence of strokes bodied pure color of light, stretched out with the air safe and vigorous who has long researched and learned a lot from the chromaticity of a post-impressionist Gauguin or a Chagall, it brings to life on the canvas of Malacarne rich gardens Mediterranean magic Eden found that the dazzling light of the South brings in a triumph of bright colors and powerful. Transformed into gnarled tree trunks, agave succulent and meaty, towering exotic palms.The same blinding light that is reflected in the waves of the sea, a Mediterranean cradle of culture and civilization in the days of our Fathers and today tragic cemetery fluid for migrant humanity and desperate, that has nothing more to lose but life itself. That is not much, in a society dominated by the supremacy of profit cynically and dictatorship in the equity markets. It so happens that in this painful Sea of ​​refugees, in this stretch of water that has seen neglected and violated its traditional values ​​of exchange of cultures and crossroads of peoples, Mantua Malacarne, a man of great human sensitivity from the North as well as artistic, devotes its pages hatched canvas a confident anthem, a song made auspicious hope, entrusted to the joyfulness of the typical childhood. Thus, through the brush strokes loaded with expressiveness, the artist returns to the body of water the right to levity and lightheartedness of the games of children, happy to splash around in the clear.Bodies mentioned, glimpsed through the liquid - mother from which we all come from and where we preserve ancestral memory; forms fragmented and refracted by the reflection of the water of the sea that, seizing all shades and variations, he performs in his brilliant turquoise, in its green, in his blue. A shoulder, a pair of arms, legs slapping the wave in the progress of swimming, kids playing with splashing waves that roll up giving in to the shore, smiling faces an expression of calm "normal" recaptured ... The mother-liquid from perpetual motion gives himself generously in many facets stolen from the artist palette, illuminated and made even more transparent by the light that dominates everything and all-pervasive. A "sea of ​​light", in fact, shown with the foresight and wisdom of a master of the painterly and with intelligence and sophistication of an artist who, in the archetype of the "form of water", divided into hundreds glows, conveys metaphors and allegories. Thrilling and involving the viewer.Forty works of different sizes, all oils on linen, with some dedicated to Taormina and its views more unusual, that tell of research on light Claudio Malacarne will be the centerpiece of the exhibition - curated by MariaTeresa Papale, sponsored by ' Hotel Association of Taormina, and sponsored by major partners such as the City of Taormina, Taormina Arte, Mazzullo Foundation, UNESCO Club Taormina, Alcantara and Valli d'Agro, Businessmen Association For Taormina, "Baroness", Gais Hotels Group, "Piazza Dali" - which will close its doors Saturday, August 1st. The exhibition is free-entrance, with daily time 10: 30/12: 30 and 18: 00 / 21:30, Sundays included.