5/23/2016 - Taormina celebrates "Popism"
Taormina celebrates "Popism", which will exhibit until the second July 2, 50 years of Pop Art in Palazzo Corvaja, over 80 unique pieces by 50 different artists, including Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, Mimmo Rotella and Mario Schifano, Tano Festa. The works belong to all major art galleries and private collectors around the world.The event, which is part of the programming Emergence Festival (International Festival of Urban Interventions) is edited by Giuseppe Tin plate and Julie Kogler, in collaboration with Giancarlo Carpi. The exhibition seeks to trace visitors the evolutionary path that led to a new way of understanding art. It starts with the Pop Art before moving to Graffiti artists and Pop Surrealism, until the Street Art. An art form that has influenced every aspect of daily life, from advertising to everyday objects, looking at the cinema and the contemporary world in an explosion of colors that broke with the tradition.The exhibition inaugurated the "Culture Week" in the City of Taormina and is sponsored by the city of Taormina and Taormina Arte and organized by Studio Soligo and Music and Sounds.