7/20/2016 - La Traviata between stage and screen
The last replica of "Traviata" at the Teatro Antico of Taormina (21 July), produced by Massimo and Bellini, will leave his witness to beauty to view "La Traviata among palcoscenito and screen", staged by Taormina Arte and promoted by the regional Councillorships for tourism and cultural heritage within the framework of the project Sicily and Sensi contemporanei Amphitheater. The exhibition can be visited on the first floor of the Congress Hall will remain open until the middle of September with free entrance. "La Traviata among palcoscenito and screen" is an exciting journey through time and the various stage of the note work verdiana, indeed, exposes some costumes of previous editions; many original film materials and other rarities collection Giuseppe Barbaro, in particular photo envelopes of the film "Amami Alfredo" by Carmine Gallone; of programmes from the beginning of the last century; and the franking marks of historical events dedicated to the great master